Chautauqua – Vera Gomez Talk on Cesar Chavez

Chautauqua – Vera Gómez Talk on César Chávez

Tuesday May 2 at 7pm
Hughes Main Library, downtown, Greenville 29609
Free event and free parking.
For more info: 864-244-1499  or

Yes, there will be poetry. Yes, there will be history. Yes, there will be passion. Yes, you are part of this discussion.

Vera Gómez dives deep into her own roots to reveal how Cesar Chavez’s message of non-violence and equality empowers all people to take charge of their lives.

For Vera, the César Chávez story is not just history. It’s personal. Vera was born to immigrant parents and raised in Lubbock, Texas. César Chávez, this charismatic farm worker and controversial visionary leader, was often the topic at the family dinner table.

Vera Gómez is a bi-lingual poet and a firm believer in the power of words. She is a performance poet, SmartArts’ teaching poet, founding member of Greenville Poetry Slam, president of Emrys and author of “Barrio Voices.”


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